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Pencil Sketching-5

This would be my fifth sketching.
Kind of similar to that last one.
To a girl who is in love with nature, this is the perfect place to live.
Another Dream place of mine.
Tried my best to sketch it as neatly as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Reminds me of my old sketches :)

Santa said...

love it....

Princess Poo said...

Thanks :)

Thanks :).

saikat mbka ghosh said...

lovely idyll place to live in, free from the hustles and bustle of city life .......
lovely sketch :)

Princess Poo said...

Yes jhi it is :).
Thanks a lot :).

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Wow! Its so scenic! Love it! :)


This is awefuc****some neat and clean !!
I liked !

samyyyr said...

I always used to draw trees around houses in my drawings!!! Don't you like trees??? :)

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot dear :D :).

Thanks :D :).

I love trees :D Infact love nature :) :D.
But trees are colorful aren't they? ;) They need to be added colors :D.

samyyyr said...

You can draw B&W trees :P just like your B&W water and B&W sky and B&W house :D

samyyyr said...

I would love to see a B&W tree near your house in your drawing too :P

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha :P Will keep that in mind next time I draw :)

vinayak said...

The sketches really brought my old memories back. Most of the people might have drawn, A home, as their first drawing. i used to draw, a flag beside my home(!) and the width of steps for the flag footing used to be in decreasing order!!( i don't know how it used to take the load on the smaller step!) good one Princes poo:)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful sketch.

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :D. Thats really cute jhi :).
I used to do that too :).
But ofcourse big steps used to come first :P :D.
Hats off to your imagination :).

Thanks jhi :)

Kalyan P said...

lovely work...beautiful!

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot :)

Divya Pramil said...

Nice theme Pooja


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magiceye said...


Princess Poo said...

Thank you :) :D.

Thanks a lot yaar :D

Thank you so much :)

SJ said...

cute,, reminds me of my childhood days when I would sketch and love doing it. Been ages I havent done any sketching!!!


Princess Poo said...

Thanks :D :).
Yeah I am not doing much these days as well :(

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