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Pencil Sketching-1

This is the First Pencil Sketching I Did. 

This sketching means a lot to me because, it is from that moment that I started sketching and loved it more than anything else. I love sketching. The 2 birds from right were pretty easy when compared to the first bird. It had lots of curves and needs utmost concentration. Doing this sketch at a first attempt is something I've always be proud of. 

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Anonymous said...

cool post
nyc sketch :)

Farida Rizwan said...

Very interesting profile. Good luck with your choice of career My son is doing animation in Arena, Bangalore. My profile pic is the sketch he made for e as my birthday gift.

Princess Poo said...

Thank you :)

Thank you :).
Wow. Thats really nice :).
All the best for your son :)

Ana_treek said...

I suck at drawing..you seem to be good at it though :)

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :D :).
Thanks jhi :).
I don't know :O. I think I am :D :P

Nitin Verma said...

Haha, love the baby duck and his mother (or father?)
Amazing sketch...Nice
(The right ones are a little light compared to the sparrow, why?)

Princess Poo said...

Father :D :).

Hehehe :D. Don't know :O :P.
Depends on my mood ;) :P

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