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Pencil Sketching-2

These are the 2nd sketches that I did.
A Mango, A Coconut and A Brinjal.
Even though it looks really easy, at that time I found it a little hard.
These have lots of curves and you need to get them right to make the picture look perfect.
I was really happy sketching this.

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Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

I love the coconut! :) It is a coconut right?!? :) I'm your new follower :)!!

Princess Poo said...

Yes, its a coconut :).
My glad you liked it :D :).

Aww thanks dear >:D< :).
Welcome home :)

DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

awesome art !
you have multi talents PRINCESS :DD :DD
Money order my bribe.. i have commented as per your words

Poonam Borkar said...

beautiful sketches dear!! :)

Viya said...

Very nice sketches :)

Anonymous said...

Nice :D

Princess Poo said...

Murder :P :P.

@Poonam Jhi
Thanks a lot :D :).

Thank you :).

Thanks a lot :)

Ritvik Gautam said...

This tells you were good at 10th class biology diagrams. I used to be real bad at that. Friends used to come handy at those points. :P

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :) Not really good :P :D.
It was ok :P

Prasoon said...

I hate brinjals but I love mango and coconuts! :)

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